About us

Synthetic Grass Maintenance Equipment Ltd. (SGME) is the sole Canadian Distributor for the Garland Roll&Comb line of synthetic grass maintenance equipment products. Just like our customers, we here at SGME are owners of synthetic grass, and we know what you know. Synthetic grass is…..


Having discovered this the hard way, we set about searching for a solution. After trying countless products that were loud, heavy, or just did not get the job done, we discovered these amazing products designed specifically to groom your synthetic grass.

These electric, lightweight, easy to use, power brooms and sweepers, provide the perfect solution for your synthetic grass cleaning needs. Not only are they capable of picking up debris like leaves, pine needles, and pet hair, the brushes will raise the flattened turf, and will make your turf look as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Our friendly, hands-on style of customer service provide a positive buying experience both before and after sale. We are happy to recommend the best product for your application. Have questions? Give us a call!

Featured Products

artificial grass cleaner - Rollcomb 141e


Roll and Comb 141E

Lightweight electric sweeper for effortless artificial lawn maintenance.
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artificial grass cleaner - Rollcomb 302e


Roll and Comb 302E

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming lawn care with our efficient artificial grass sweeper that cleans and combs in a single pass.
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artificial grass cleaner - Rollcomb 502e


Roll and Comb 502E

Meet the 502E: The ideal artificial turf sweeper combo for large yards!
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