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artificial grass cleaner - Rollcomb 141e
Sgme 1yr Warranty

Roll&Comb 141E

The Roll&Comb 141E power broom and sweeper is a lightweight version of your typical artificial grass but just as effective. It will make quick work out of removing debris from your synthetic grass.
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artificial grass cleaner - Rollcomb 302e
Sgme 1yr Warranty

Roll&Comb 302E

The Roll&Comb 302E power broom and sweeper is effective at elevating the grass fibers while collecting debris as it sweeps. This artificial turf sweeper will have your yard looking clean and fresh in no time.
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artificial grass cleaner - Rollcomb 502e
Sgme 1yr Warranty

Roll&Comb 502E

The Roll&Comb 502E power broom and sweeper is a larger version of the Roll&Comb 302E. It can sweep up any debris that falls on your synthetic yard, ensuring it looks as good as new.
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Artificial grass is LOW maintenance,
not NO maintenance.

While synthetic grass isn’t nearly as demanding as real lawns, it still requires some TLC to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. SGME provides unique products specifically designed for artificial turf maintenance. Our specialized tools rejuvenate your synthetic lawn, making it look new again, and helping extend its lifespan.
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Based in Calgary, AB, Synthetic Grass Maintenance Equipment Ltd (SGME) is a trusted supplier of synthetic turf maintenance tools for urban homeowners and small business owners. We specialize in providing fake grass maintenance solutions, helping you maintain the beauty of your artificial grass for years to come.

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Looking for guidance on how to clean artificial turf or tips for maintaining your equipment? Read our comprehensive FAQs page, where we answer your most pressing questions about artificial grass for yards and more.
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Have questions or need assistance with your artificial turf cleaning machines? Contact us today! Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help with all your artificial turf maintenance needs. Together, we’ll make your urban sanctuary shine!
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