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Synthetic Grass Maintenance Equipment Ltd (SGME)

Synthetic Grass Maintenance Equipment Ltd, SGME for short, is owned and operated out of Calgary, AB, Canada. We are the Canadian Distributor for Garlands Roll&Comb line of artificial grass products. Being owners of synthetic turf, we know the troubles of maintaining a synthetic lawn. By offering the Roll&Comb line of power brooms and sweepers, we hope to provide our customers with a product that not only cleans their yard, but makes it easier in the process.

Featured Products

The Roll&Comb 141E power broom and sweeper is a lighter weight version of your typical power broom, but just as effective. It will make quick work to remove any debris on your synthetic grass.

Roll&Comb 302 E-V19

The Roll&Comb 302E power broom and sweeper is effective at cleaning your artificial turf while collecting any debris that it sweeps. It will have your yard looking clean and fresh in no time.

The Roll&Comb 502E power broom and sweeper is a larger version of the Roll&Comb 302E. It can sweep up any debris falling on your synthetic yard and will have it looking new again.